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Crafters' Corner

Colorado craftsmen, this is your premier customer connection. This site was designed by a crafting enthusiast as a means for locally connecting buyers and crafters.

As a fellow crafter, I know how difficult it is to get product exposure on a crafters' budget. As we all know, consumer exposure and product accessibility are key to making sales. At Colorado Crafted buyers can view and purchase your products all year long, whenever they are in the market to buy- not just when there is an event. Your customers now have a convenient resource for repeat purchases. If you have an existing web site,a link can be included on your sellers' page. At the incredible rates offered through Colorado Crafted, buyers who are not familiar with your web address and patrons who are searching by product type will have access to your items. If some one comes across your products in the community and wishes to buy them, they now have a central site to go to find locally crafted items. As well, you can tell them what events you will be a vendor at for live buying. When you add yourself to an event's list, it will post your business at the event info location and post an event icon on your ad and your seller's page.

You can list as many items as you like for the same low cost. Upload your photos and your customers are ready to view, add to cart, and buy. For easy paying, credit card processing is included, with less intrusion on your profits than paypal. Shoppers can add you to their favorites list or mark an item to their likes for easy future purchases.

On the other side, the site will also maintain an updated list of the craft shows, markets, and fairs state wide. Registration contact information will also be included, so you will now have a single source for finding events.

Introductory offer
access through end of January 2012 with purchase of 6 month plan

$5 - 3 months
$9 - 6 months
$15 - 12 months